muslim mosque at ground zero

Building a mosque in the former location of the attacks of 9 September or better known as Ground Zero, New York, modern design with futuristic style.

muslim mosque at ground zero

muslim mosque at ground zero

The design of this building has 16 floors and “wrapped” like a beehive-shaped abstract.

Meanwhile, other experts call this building shaped like a symbol of the Jewish Star of David.

The company behind the construction of mosques at the same time the Islamic community center shows that the hexagram was also used in Islam, as the Seal of Solomon, and also in Christianity and other religions.

Sharif El-Gamal, the developer of this building, said it was like to have a building that is a marriage between the Islamic architecture and New York City.

“We also wanted to do something green and cool,” he said.

The proposed Islamic center, two blocks from the location of the World Trade Centre attacks has created widespread controversy in the United States.

Design that has been circulating it also shows the building has four floors as a fitness center, exercise is also a swimming pool.

In addition to sports center, there is also a daycare, restaurants, culinary schools, art studios, exhibition space and auditorium.

While the prayer room was in two levels in the basement, in addition to the mosque building also will have room warning 9 / 11 on the 12th floor and a sacred place that is open to melaukan worship for all people of all faiths. (Ans / telegraph)


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