Muslim in Finland Seeking Cemetery Land


Finnish Muslims are busy looking for land for the cemetery for their dead relatives. "Our goal is to find a wider area for long-term needs," said Pia Jardi, Head of the Funeral Committee, the Islamic Council of Finland, as reported by, Sunday (08/24) last.

Council wanted to build a cemetery in Uusima, Southern Finland which has 24 municipalities including the capital city of Helsinki. Party managers have also been sent a letter request cemetery land to 16 district and city region level.
The bottom line council asked local governments to give generous parcel of land as a graveyard. If not, they will plan to seek permission to use an area that has not been confirmed in the zone area function as a funeral.



Jardi said if the graves are needed to avoid future problems associated with the growth of Muslim population. "Ten years from now the situation is more acute," he said.

For these needs, temporary assistance came from the Christian community. Previously, some Protestant churches have given several plots to Muslims in their community. Last year, the Protestant church in Helsinki even guarantees Muslims full blocks of land with a capacity of 202 burial tomb, in which eight people were buried there Muslims.


"The law calls on us to provide a burial grave plot for Helsinki residents," said Risto Lehto, one member of the church, Protestantism Helsinki. There are about 40,000 to 45,000 Muslims among the 5.2 million populations in Finland.
Islam arrived in Finland by the Baltic Tatars at the end of the 19th century. Nation Tatars arrived in Finland as merchants and soldiers. Some end up living, settle and assimilate with the natives in sana. Source :Republika


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