Islam in Norway Increases rapidly

The number of Muslims in Norway almost 40% from the previous five years ago only about 18%.

The development of Islam in the West in recent years has made tremendous progress. Not least in Norway. Board Statistics Norway and the Vart Land newspaper showed that the number of Muslims in Norway almost 40% from the previous five years ago only about 18%.

Improvement occurred most outside Oslo. In a country which now has 126 mosques, there are 21.5% Muslims enrolled in 126 the Muslim community in 2009. While it is remain independent. The largest number, 54.6%, are Christian (Roman Catholic and Pentecostal), 18.8% of non-religious members of the community.

Islam is nothing new in Norway. In 2007, a group of archaeologists found coins the phrase write shahada in southern Norway. The coins come from the Viking merchant ship that often times when the traders brought it home from the trade in Baghdad.

Surprisingly again, it was Henrik Wergeland, Norway’s famous figures in modern history and one of the country’s constitution-makers, is a Muslim. This is acknowledged in a number of letters sent to his mother. The letter, which was found by archaeologists in the year 2007 shows that, Wergeland was a religion which is taught by the Turkish Ottoman Empire, namely Islam.

Although time forgotten, as time goes by Islam in Norway began to shine again. Especially after the discovery of oil in the country, it is require more labor. The human resources from Turkey and Pakistan, which incidentally Muslims, is arrives to this country.

In 1985 the number of Muslims has increased, with the arrival of students and immigrants from countries of conflict, and continent of Africa, especially from North Africa. Also, because some native Norwegians began many who embraced Islam.


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