Revival of Islam in Bosnia


Teenagers in Bosnia have rediscovered their Islamic roots to the parents after they failed to achieve this. A U.S. magazine published a report on "Islamic awakening" in Sarajevo.

Four women who are friends since childhood and wear Hijab told Time magazine how they became more religious and started to wear Hijab.
"This is very strange to them," said saudina Husic, a student of Arabic and Persian."But they could use a veil."

"Nearly 15 years after the war ……., capital of Sarajevo, had an awakening of religion," said a statement.

"We spent the morning with shopping, and then praying together," Husic said.
However, the rise of Islamic religious leaders in Bosnia connects directly to the events of the massacre horror which they witnessed in the 1990s, when they were children.

"This generation grew overnight," said the mufti of Bosnia – Mustafa Efendi Ceric told Time magazine.

"We used to have a generation that questioned whether God exist. And now we have a very religious generation different from previous generations.
"Husic and his friends is Bosnian Muslim teenagers, they used to see how their home in Mostar to be destroyed and their neighbors attack each other with each other in an ethnic and religious conflicts that continue, two out of four teen girls have lost their parents, while others have seen with my own eyes how their uncle dragged from homes and massacred.

Imam mosque of King Fahd – Nezim Halilovic said that Bosnia is now experiencing a religious awakening while still higher than under communist rule by the dictator who ruled Yugoslavia – Joisp Broz Tito.

Halilovic also said that Serbian politicians are now looking at Sarajevo by a negative lens, they say that the Muslims in Bosnia in general have links with Islamic militants in order to get sympathy from the West, and they already have stereotypes about Islam phobia.

"You can see more Muslims in Paris and London," he said. “So, why the people of Bosnia to return Islam become a problem?"


Bosnian Muslims have experienced torture and murder of ethnic cleansing campaign by Serbian Christians in the 1990s, when Serbia tried to create whole regions in Bosnia only to citizens of Serbia.

The worst examples of mass slaughter that happened were some 8,000 Bosnian Muslims near Srebrenica were killed, and this event is said to be the worst incident came after the Second World War. (Eramuslim)


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