Islam in Meksiko


Religion Islam came to Mexico through the intermediary of immigrants from the Middle East. It is a book by Pascual Almazan y hereje titled Un Un Musulman which tells of a Muslim named Yusof bin Alabaz, a clue about Islam first arrival to this country.

Based on the book, Joseph lived in the 16th century. He lives in Andalusia, but survived the onslaught of replies the Christians there. Yusof then fled to Morocco.


However, in the middle of the trip, he was captured by pirates who then took him to Mexico. For fear as slaves, he was trying to escape and succeeded. After that, several years later Joseph lived in an area called Veracruz and spread the religion of Islam to the locals.

From there, the religion of Islam is growing throughout the country. Especially growing number of immigrants is arriving from the Middle East. That’s history. There is no concrete evidence that says that Islam has existed in that country before the arrival of Arab immigrants.


Currently in the country there are many Middle Eastern immigrants. They come from Lebanon, Morocco, Egypt, and Syria. However, it is not known how many Muslims among them. It was only when professors from Georgetown University, Theresa Velcamp, conducted research in 1999, known

a little more about them.
According to him, immigrants from Syria and Lebanon are the largest immigrant community with an estimated 200 thousand inhabitants. In addition, Muslims mostly live in big cities like Mexico City, Monterey, Guadalajara, Ciudad Obregon, and Chiapas.



Indian tribes in Mexico

Indian tribes in Mexico are droves to Islam. The government also began to ‘hot’. Having long been a base of Catholics, southern Mexico is quickly changing as the search field of faith. Including the Islamic religion, which was recorded successfully embed its influence after hundreds of Mayan Indians becoming Muslim. And the Mexican government had made concerned about the outbreak of ‘clash of cultures’ in their own backyard."In Islam, does not recognize tribal and ethnic differences," said a Muslim convert the Maya to the media from Germany, Der Spiegel, when asked why a convert. He admitted to study many religions before finally choosing Islam as their religion.



A sense of religious enthusiasm is understandable. In his hometown in Chiapas, the poorest region in Mexico, a traditional tribe is often seen as second class citizens. Whites and Mestizos were always threatened them. In fact, in the city of San Cristobal de las Casas, the largest city in the south, those indigenous Indians must get out into the street when a white man approached them on the sidewalk.

But life goes on. Gomez, 23, for example, converted to Islam since eight years ago. He had changed his name to Abraham and pilgrimage. According penuturannya, about seven years ago, embraced Islam for the Indians in the region still is something that anomaly. But now, veiled Muslim woman is already a common sight that you can find on the streets of San Cristobal.


About 300 Indians from the tribe Tzozil, also has converted to Islam in recent years and the number is still increasing. The fact is clearly worrying the Mexican government. As a result, the government is suspicious of this new Muslims on charges of subversive activity and has spread the secret service agents to observe the Maya-Muslim. Mexican President Vicente Fox’s is claiming to worry about the influence of the radical fundamentalist Alkaidah in the region.











Nevertheless, the Indians would not be affected by concerns of government, ranging from accusations become extremists, entering to political affairs, or whatever. Only one thing they want to do, namely worship best.


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