Investing in Gold

Nowadays, there’re many ways and types of investment. People are always find the best ways possible so that they’ll be prevented for loss or financial chaos. In the past, people may rely so much on stock exchange or other savings for their investment. But money can lose value when there’re disasters or wars. Money value can drop so drastically so that people may lose everything in a split second. That’s why now they’re depending ongold IRA as one way of investment.


There’re reasons why people invest money. Most of them are preparing pension funds so that they can still have activities and income source when they’re no longer working. They might invest in gold 401k as a way of investment because gold holds several benefits compared to regular investments, such as:

  • Gold always increases in value.
  • Gold doesn’t lose value in any situation; not even in war or disasters. When people invest in gold, they can rest assured that their money is safe.
  • Gold is easy to trade.


When they have IRA gold or the 401k gold, they can sell it whenever they want when they need additional finance. It’s easy to do the trade, actually. Some websites provide specialized service in buying and selling gold. When people have sold their gold through the websites, the websites will perform gold IRA transfer into these people’s accounts. It’s easy, flexible, fast, and beneficial.



A Guide to buy Kitchen Appliances


Like to cook? Make delicious food or cake? It will be great by using good kitchen appliances. In general, we can see a lot of kitchen appliances that we can see. Some of them such as pots and pans, coffee makers, steamers, ovens. As we know the kitchen appliances are very important to support our activity in the kitchen. We can do anything by getting having all of kitchen appliances. If we talk about cooking, in general, women do best when cooking. Right? I think many people know about it. How if a man? A man also can do best when cooking. I’m a man, and i can cook delicious food.

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Beautiful mailbox from EccoMailbox

Mailbox is a box, which is usually installed in front of our house. This box has a function as, a place to put a letter which sent by someone through the post office or other delivery service agents.

EccoMailbox is producing various types of boxes varying material, models and color. You can choose the material mailboxes from EccoMailbox such as bronze, galvanized steel, stainless steel, nickel, copper and others. Besides the choice of materials colors also vary ranging from the pistil shiny, shiny brown and classic black.

EccoMailbox offer E1-Mailboxes type which shows elongated vertical model with shiny white and materials vary. E2-Mailboxes is like the first type with a choice of color black, white and shiny. In E3-mailboxes type, Eccomailbox offers horizontal shape with black color. E4-Mailboxes type shows in a balance and wide selection of colors as well as materials. Meanwhile, E6-Mailboxes type offers classic environment with beautiful design. It offers wide selection of colors and materials. E7-Mailboxes is simple and pretty impressive. And E8-Mailboxes offer classic/ traditional and majestic.

In addition to the mailbox, EccoMailbox also offers accessories, such as the house number and newspaper holder. Product offered by EccoMailbox offers beautiful products with competitive prices. If you are looking for Mailbox, make sure you’re choosing EccoMailbox product.

Easy online shooping in ShopWiki

Currently, the world’s internet connection is rapidly expanding. Everyday, thousand of people join in the online world as a new user. This fact enhances the Internet user to shopping with the online system. World’s is changing. They left the conventional shopping. Shopping online is very simple. We just sit in front of computer, and choose the things as we like. The security issues have changed because now, a safe technology revolution has been widely developed.
ShopWiki items

ShopWiki item

ShopWiki is the online shop, which provides services a variety of goods. They give a very complete list of items for customers such as pets, babies & toddlers, health & beauty and many other items. Besides a place to buy, ShopWiki is also providing a place to sellers. This is an amazing thing, because the ShopWiki functions are like offline market shop. This is simpler and easier, because the seller and the buyer just meet in the internet. You can visit in ShopWiki online to find what do you want. There are also bag products in ShopWiki at ShopWiki Bags for instance Baby Bags and Carriers. If you find out Laptop Bags or Camping Backpacks, ShopWiki also provide it. If you are backpacker, you can find out Backpacks here.

The revolution is now changing economic world. You’ll find what you want in the ShopWiki with more complete and secure. You might find difficult stuff in the offline shop. You need time and cost to get some item. In the ShopWiki everything becomes easy. You just choose the item, and the next process is very easy. Come join the ShopWiki.

muslim mosque at ground zero

Building a mosque in the former location of the attacks of 9 September or better known as Ground Zero, New York, modern design with futuristic style.

muslim mosque at ground zero

muslim mosque at ground zero

The design of this building has 16 floors and “wrapped” like a beehive-shaped abstract.

Meanwhile, other experts call this building shaped like a symbol of the Jewish Star of David.

The company behind the construction of mosques at the same time the Islamic community center shows that the hexagram was also used in Islam, as the Seal of Solomon, and also in Christianity and other religions.

Sharif El-Gamal, the developer of this building, said it was like to have a building that is a marriage between the Islamic architecture and New York City.

“We also wanted to do something green and cool,” he said.

The proposed Islamic center, two blocks from the location of the World Trade Centre attacks has created widespread controversy in the United States.

Design that has been circulating it also shows the building has four floors as a fitness center, exercise is also a swimming pool.

In addition to sports center, there is also a daycare, restaurants, culinary schools, art studios, exhibition space and auditorium.

While the prayer room was in two levels in the basement, in addition to the mosque building also will have room warning 9 / 11 on the 12th floor and a sacred place that is open to melaukan worship for all people of all faiths. (Ans / telegraph)

Islam in Norway Increases rapidly

The number of Muslims in Norway almost 40% from the previous five years ago only about 18%.

The development of Islam in the West in recent years has made tremendous progress. Not least in Norway. Board Statistics Norway and the Vart Land newspaper showed that the number of Muslims in Norway almost 40% from the previous five years ago only about 18%.

Improvement occurred most outside Oslo. In a country which now has 126 mosques, there are 21.5% Muslims enrolled in 126 the Muslim community in 2009. While it is remain independent. The largest number, 54.6%, are Christian (Roman Catholic and Pentecostal), 18.8% of non-religious members of the community.

Islam is nothing new in Norway. In 2007, a group of archaeologists found coins the phrase write shahada in southern Norway. The coins come from the Viking merchant ship that often times when the traders brought it home from the trade in Baghdad.

Surprisingly again, it was Henrik Wergeland, Norway’s famous figures in modern history and one of the country’s constitution-makers, is a Muslim. This is acknowledged in a number of letters sent to his mother. The letter, which was found by archaeologists in the year 2007 shows that, Wergeland was a religion which is taught by the Turkish Ottoman Empire, namely Islam.

Although time forgotten, as time goes by Islam in Norway began to shine again. Especially after the discovery of oil in the country, it is require more labor. The human resources from Turkey and Pakistan, which incidentally Muslims, is arrives to this country.

In 1985 the number of Muslims has increased, with the arrival of students and immigrants from countries of conflict, and continent of Africa, especially from North Africa. Also, because some native Norwegians began many who embraced Islam.

Muslim in Finland Seeking Cemetery Land


Finnish Muslims are busy looking for land for the cemetery for their dead relatives. "Our goal is to find a wider area for long-term needs," said Pia Jardi, Head of the Funeral Committee, the Islamic Council of Finland, as reported by, Sunday (08/24) last.

Council wanted to build a cemetery in Uusima, Southern Finland which has 24 municipalities including the capital city of Helsinki. Party managers have also been sent a letter request cemetery land to 16 district and city region level.
The bottom line council asked local governments to give generous parcel of land as a graveyard. If not, they will plan to seek permission to use an area that has not been confirmed in the zone area function as a funeral.



Jardi said if the graves are needed to avoid future problems associated with the growth of Muslim population. "Ten years from now the situation is more acute," he said.

For these needs, temporary assistance came from the Christian community. Previously, some Protestant churches have given several plots to Muslims in their community. Last year, the Protestant church in Helsinki even guarantees Muslims full blocks of land with a capacity of 202 burial tomb, in which eight people were buried there Muslims.


"The law calls on us to provide a burial grave plot for Helsinki residents," said Risto Lehto, one member of the church, Protestantism Helsinki. There are about 40,000 to 45,000 Muslims among the 5.2 million populations in Finland.
Islam arrived in Finland by the Baltic Tatars at the end of the 19th century. Nation Tatars arrived in Finland as merchants and soldiers. Some end up living, settle and assimilate with the natives in sana. Source :Republika